Panthers Český Krumlov success in Kosovo

Expedition of the Panthers Český Krumlov division, which brought exactly ten medals from the World Championships. In the background from left: Amálie Malečková, coach Marek Hullman and Matyáš Maleček, in the foreground from left: Karolína Martínková, Eliška Václavíková, Nikola Pešadíková and Žaneta Bělecká. | Photo: Alena Pešadíková

With a huge collection of medals earlier this week returned from the scene of the World Cup from the Kosovo capital of the Czech karate – a considerable portion equal tens of precious metals on this great success and involved representatives of the young Panthers Cesky Krumlov section.

“It was a three-day championship for all ages, where competitions in the youth categories were held on Friday, junior competitions took place on Saturday and it ended with senior competitions on Sunday. There were a total of seven of us from our team at the championship, including me, ” says Marek Hullman, the leader of the Krumlov group of Czech national team, coach and competitor in one person, adding:” I won silver in the kumite team competition, but it’s not about me at all. that I rounded our collection to ten medals in the end, but for me it is the main and decisive success of our young competitors, “says Marek Hullman with determination in his voice.

Zaměříme se tedy na karatistické naděje krumlovského oddílu, které až na Matyáše Malečka všechny vystoupaly při šampionátu na stupně vítězů. Nejúspěšnější členkou Panterů se stala Karolína Martínková z Větřní, která vybojovala dva tituly mistryně světa, a to v obou disciplínách kumite – sportovního boje.

“Kumite is split on ipon, which is a shorter match that ends when one of the opponents scores two points. The second discipline is kumite wkf, which is a classic match up to eight points, “explains the coach and with one breath continues the evaluation:” In my eyes, Karolína Martínková is such a successor to Vlaďka Račáková. In the finals of the wkf she got a terribly tough opponent, but she was able to beat the Englishwoman by two heads bigger and older, which was the biggest surprise. world champion coach.

The third gold was added to the Krumlov collection by the promising Nikola Pešadíková from Loučovice, who won the title in the kumite wkf category within eight years .

“In the final, she defeated a very strong opponent from Turkey. In addition, she won bronze in the ipon kumite shop, “emphasizes coach Hullman.

The golden collection of Krumlov Panthers was completed by Amálie Malečková, who became the world champion in the competition of teams from the category of 12 to 13 years, together with the competitors of the Budějovice Fight Club – Natália Hůrková and Lucie Štroblová.

The Krumlov competitors hung a total of five silver medals around their necks during the tournament. In addition to the already mentioned entry of the coach himself, it was a medal of the same luster for Žaneta Bělecká in kumite shop ipon category 8 to 9 years and then in the same category the team success of the silver girls’ team consisting of Žaneta Bělecká, Eliška Václavíková and Nikola Pešadíková.

“For our young team, it is a huge and unexpected success that cost a lot of money and, most importantly, a tremendous effort. Nobody expected anything from us, because as a club we train really shortly, in fact one year from the time when we became independent after disconnecting from the Fight club in Budějovice. However, we bet everything on one card, we really trained a lot – and the result came so soon. We have ten World Cup medals at home, which is literally a bomb! Originally, we just wanted to participate and gain experience, but it is really clear that our children are among the best in the Czech Republic and are great talents. Here I will highlight Martínková and Bělecká, who are extremely skilful and every other race confirms the great form again and again, “a satisfied coach from Český Krumlov pours out.

There are really a lot of impressions and experiences of the Krumlov Panthers…

“From a twenty-hour tiring bus ride through Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia to Kosovo, through a large audience in the hall, an excellent atmosphere to, of course, our medal successes and the announcement of results. As I said, no one believed us and I must admit that I did not expect such a result, but it turned out great. Here I must not forget to thank our sponsors and all those who supported us on the way to the World Cup, because their help was extremely important. So thank you to Český Krumlov Pro-sport, House of Children and Youth Český Krumlovand the Loučovice municipal office, which, for example, paved the way for Nikola Pešadíková. And what about the conclusion? We went to the championship as well as we could, and these results are a great satisfaction for me and the club itself, “concludes our stop over the medals with a radiant championship, Marek Hullman.

Location of the competitors of the Panthers Český Krumlov team at the 5th World Championship Shotokan Karate Union WSKU:

Karolína Martínková – 1st place kumite shobu ipon 8 – 9 years, 1st place kumite wkf 8 – 9 years.

Nikola Pešadíková – 1st place kumite wkf 8 years, 2nd place kumite team 8 – 9 years, 3rd place kumite ipon shobu 8 – 9 years.

Amálie Malečková – 1st place kumite team 12 – 13 years.

Žaneta Bělecká – 2nd place kumite ipon shobu 8 – 9 years, 2nd place kumite team 8 – 9 years, 5th place kumite wkf 8 – 9 years.

Eliška Václavíková – 2nd place kumite team 8 – 9 years, 5th place kumite wkf 8 – 9 years.

Marek Hullman – 2nd place kumite team open seniors.

Matyáš Maleček – 9th place kumite wkf.

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