The President of World Shotokan Federation Esat Delihasan passed away

The President of Turkish Karate Federation and World Shotokan Federation Esat Delihasan passed away, a true person and a dedicated life for Karate. His traces will never be forgotten.

In the post of then Turkish Karate Federation’s Twitter account, “We have lost our president, Esat Delihasan, who has devoted his life to the Turkish karate. We wish our condolences to the Delihasan family and our community. Let the place be paradise.” It was said.

Delihasan, 52, was announced on Monday, April 12, that the coronavirus test was positive.

According to information received from officials of the federation, which caught the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) because of the 52-year-old who died Delihasan Turkey Karate Federation President Assad’s funeral prayer to be made in the Eyup Sultan Mosque at 12.30.

The deceased Esat Delihasan will later be buried in his hometown of Rize. It was announced that Delihasan, who was declared positive for the Kovid-19 test on April 12, passed away today after a 7-day treatment period.

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