WSF Azerbaijan organizes Shotokan seminar in Baku

The World Shotokan Federation (WSF) has organized a seminar in Azerbaijan.

The karate seminar, led by WSF President Yashar Bashirov, was led by the organization’s Azerbaijani representative Ranad Aliyev and well-known instructor Vahid Ayvazov. The head coach of “Gara Gaplan” club Shahin Khudaverdiyev and the head of “Arpachay” club Yaver Huseynov participated in the seminar as assistants.

Athletes and coaches from different clubs participated in the two-part shotokan seminar. Experienced coach V.Ayvazov gave detailed information to the seminar participants about kata and kumite techniques, as well as tactical moves. At the end of the event, karatekas were awarded certificates.

Bashirov said that WSF seminars for our athletes will continue in the coming months. He also said that similar events will be held in other member countries of the international organization.

The 12th European Shotokan Championship will be held in Albena Kranevo, Bulgaria on May 20-21-22, 2022. Mr. Yashar Bashirov President of WSF States that; Our karatekas will take part in above mentioned prestigious competition.

(Secretary of Media and Public Affairs Sanan Maharramov)

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