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STATUTE – World Shotokan Federation


Article 1

Name, headquarters, legal form and insignia

1- The objective of these statutes is to exclusively regulate the general principles and the procedures of the establishment, organisation, duties and authorisations of the World Shotokan Federation which is a self-governing organisation. These statutes cover the execution, organisation and development of all Shotokan  activities whole in the World in accordance with World Shotokan Federation Rules.

2- The abbreviation of World Shotokan Federation is WSF

3- The WSF logo is as shown in the Annex to these statutes.

4- The WSF does not engage in matters pertaining to politics, religion, or race, and
is a non-profit organisation.

5- The WSF performs its activities in amateur basis.

6- Headquarter’s adres;

World Shotokan Federation C.P.91 – 2900


7- The official languages of the WSF shall be English, Spanish and Russian.  All official WSF publications must be edited in English.

8- The WSF  has the aim of promoting, organising, regulating and popularising the sport of shotokan karate all over the world, of protecting the physical and mental health of the athletes, of contributing to the development of friendly relationships among the Shotokan Karate Society.

9- The World Shotokan Federation has been founded as the  non-profit organizational statutes that WSF World Shotokan Federation complies with Switzerland Civil Code Article. 60.

Article 2                                    

The objectives of WSF are:

  1. To organise, regulate and monitor all Shotokan  activities within the World;
  2. To promote the development and expansion of Shotokan  throughout the World
  3. To ensure the proper implementation of rules set by the governing bodies of WSF.
  4. To make any plans, programs, arrangements and agreements related to Shotokan  activities as well as to take the necessary measures to achieve successful results;
  5. To fight against violence, illegal performance incentives, racism, doping and any kind of discrimination;
  6. To educate the Shotokan society with assistance of the its coaches and to make Dan and Kyu examinations and homologations in Shotokan Style.

Article 3                                                         :

One of our main objectives of WSF, as World Shotokan Federation, is to build  a strong world structure at continental and national level, a world efficient organization of this style.

As a consequence,WSF recognizes only One WSF National Representative Body ( national federations,associations,unions,a.s.o) as the WSF National Representative for the respective country, as full Member of WSF.

WSF  is open to all Shotokan Unions, National Federations, Associations, Clubs, Dojos, Individuals which could be members of the WSF National Representative Body. The Independent clubs from a member country, already affiliated to the WSF, have a temporary affiliation for 2 years, during which time they have the obligation to form a WSF National Representative Body (WSF-NRB), or to become member of an existing one. The grace period can be extended, as the case may be, by another 1 year. Otherwise these clubs will lose their WSF membership.

WSF Executive Committee is authorized to accept the membership applications. All members will get identification card’s as membership.

WSF’s Country Representative Person

The WSF authorizes only one person, in each member country, as the Official WSF’s Representative Person.
This person must be the founder of the style or the holder of the highest rank (DAN) in Karate Shotokan Style, recognized by the WSF in respective country.
This person is the single person who has whole authority and responsibility for the entire WSF’s activity at national level and become the President of the WSF’s National Representative Body.

Article 4                                                

Member’s Obligations

  • Entry to the WSF competition’s only allowed by membership.
  • Dan examinations will be held by appointed dan examining directors after approval of WSF
  • Entry to the WSF competition’s are required by id card.
  • In order to be member to the WSF, applications should be done through after reviewing the application applicant will receive an official letter for membership procedures.

Article 5


  • Each year until the end of january, membership renewal is required, otherwise the membership will be suspended.
  • Members which do not participate in the WSF activities organised by WSF by two (2) years shall be suspended by the executive commitee.

Three (3) consecutive years shall be suspended from voting at the Congress until they have fulfilled their obligations in this respect and may not be candidate for any function with WSF.

Article 6

Honorary President

  1. Nominatation of Honorary President shall be designated by The Executive Committee,
  2. The Honorary President may take part in the Congress and has not the right to vote.

Article 7

Bodies of the WSF

  • The Congress
  • President
  • Deputy President
  • Executive Commitee
  • General Secretariat

Article 8

The Congress

The Congress will be held every year in World Shotokan Championships. Each representative will have one vote in the congress.

The Extraordinary Congress shall meet:
a) Upon call of the acting President,

  1. b) Upon call of %50 + 1 of the member of the EC
  2. c) Upon call of the %60 of the affiliated National Bodies.

National Shotokan Federations in possession of voting rights;
Providing it complies with the terms and procedures for the validity of Congress as set forth herein, an Extraordinary Congress may be called at the same time as an Ordinary Congres.

Article 9

The President

The President will be elected for 5 years. All countries will have the right of showing candidature for the Chair.

Article 10

Executive Commitee

The Executive Commitee will consist of  9 member’s, including  Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Deputy President and President.

Article 11

General Secretariat

General Secretary will be elected by the Executive Commitee from its members and the office location will be in Basel, Switzerland.

Article 12

Standing Commitees

a) Referee Commitee

b) Technical Commitee

c) Organising Commitee

d) Medical Commitee

e) Discipline Commitee

f)  International Relations Commitee


Article 13


a) Participation Fee’s

b) Dan Examination Fee’s

c) Membership Fee’s

d) Seminar Fee’s

e) Donations and Grants

Article 14


WSF being a world federation organizes World championships and European championships, having as affiliated members National Federations, associations and national unions, which have the recognition of WSF as WSF Country Representative Body.

Consequently, WSF grants the right to participate only to National Teams and only with the approval of the National Representative Body

WSF competitions holds with the following categories;

Children, Cadets, Seniors and Masters Categories

Individual and Team Kata Kumite

Shobu Ippon, Shobu Nihon, Shobu Sanbon Jyu Kumite and 8 points system (WKF) and Kansei Shihai.

Each WSF National Federation has the right to register maximum 2 athlete, male and female in each individual categories in each divisions and also 2 teams, male and female in each team categories in Cadet, -21 Years, Junior, Senior divisions and may register athletes as Section 1 World Shotokan Championships.

In all championships medals will be given first place; Gold Medal, Second Place; Silver Medal and Two Third Place Bronze Medal and Certificates.

Under 16 categories registration section in sportdata will be opened seperately and will be named as World  Shotokan Championships Under 16 Categories as Section 2. Section 1 registrations are going to be made through WSF National Representative bodies. Section 2 is open to all clubs registrations.

There is no limit for participation to the event for the Section 2 competitions.

Executive Commitee has the right to change the participation numbers and must be mentioned in the official bulletin.

Article  15                                                 :

Refereing Rules

Both in Kumite and Kata World Shotokan Federation WSF Rules are valid.

Article 16 

Statistics Results and Rankings

The WSF Congress and WSF Executive Commitee have dedveloped the vision and strategy by which WSF aims to become the World’s most important Shotokan organization, optimizing each year the WSF Technical and Management components with National implementation. Thus, competition management is a very important pillar of this vision.

WSF has the right and at the sime time assumes the obligation to use established software for recording competitions with eligible Software companies (Example, Sportdata) The final statistics after the championships will include the ranking by nations, clubs and athletes, in order to report the results to the National Federations. In order to classify these federations, clubs and athletes in the rankings prepared by the Ministries of sports in the respective countries.



Adrian Popescu SACELE              Ercument TASDEMIR          Yashar BASHIROV

President                                            General Secretary                  Deputy President




Hayrettin Hamurcu                            Kakha BASILIA                   Cengiz CETINKAYA

Vice President                                   Vice President                        Member




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