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IJKA International Training Course

Dear Sportfriends, masters, students! IJKA Hungary holds a 2 days training course at Tiszakécske, Hungary. Chief patron: Sensei Sándor Kecskés (7th dan, first shotokan black belt holder in Hungary, Honorary President of IJKA Hungary) Technical instructors: Sensei Tamás Molnár (7th dan) Sensei János Mácsik János (6th dan) Date: 3-4th of …

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IJKA Hungary joins WSF

Independent Japan Karate do Association joins to the World Shotokan Federation as a WSF exclusive represantative in Hungary. 1. IJKA Hungary is fully recognized an daccepted by the governing body of Karate in Hungary by the Hungarian Karate Federation (HKF) 2. IJKA (Independent Japanese Karate Do Association) Hungary is fully …

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The President of World Shotokan Federation Esat Delihasan passed away

The President of Turkish Karate Federation and World Shotokan Federation Esat Delihasan passed away, a true person and a dedicated life for Karate. His traces will never be forgotten. In the post of then Turkish Karate Federation’s Twitter account, “We have lost our president, Esat Delihasan, who has devoted his …

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