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IJKA Founder Sadeshige Kato (9.Dan) passes away

IJKA Founder, Chief Instructor and World Shotokan Federation (WSF) Technical Advisor Shihan Sadeshige Kato passed away at his 77 years old in England. World Shotokan Federation condolences to his family and World Shotokan Family. Sadashige Kato Shihan 9th Dan Kato Shihan was born on July 22nd 1943 in Kochi, Japan. He …

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WSF Presidents meet in Dubai

The World Shotokan Federation President Esat Delihasan, Vice President of WSF Mr. Yashar Bashirov and Vice President of WSF Mr. Kakha Basilia meet with the Vice President of Russian Karate Federation Mr. Viktor Khan, President of Kazakhistan Karate Federation Mr. Pak Yevgeny Konstantinovich and Mr. Jastalap Sanauov, Vice President of …

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Musa Ertugan appointed as Turkish WSF Vice Chair

Turkish Karate Federation’s former Vice President Mr. Musa Ertugan has been appointed by the WSF Executive Commitee to the World Shotokan Federation Turkey Vice President Chair and responsible for the Turkish Republics relationships. Musa Ertugan was two terms member of the Turkish Karate Federation Executive Commitee

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