10th European Shotokan Championship Albena Bulgaria

Kaxa Basilia, President of WSF; The practice of recent decades has ntoed profound changes in th world, including in sports. An important event has happened for those who love karate. The olympic dream of karate has become a reality today with thanks to WKF. The mail goal of WSF is respect for the philosophy of Karate-do honest and open cooperation, implementation of the WSF strategy and management at a high technical level with the involvement of specialits who have performed and have extensive experience and knowledge in shotokan karate. To achieve good results, we need to work hard in this direction. Therefore, we are waiting for all the people who are ready to join us to translate our ideas at the international level. I really hope and believe that WSF will become one of the strongest organizations of shotokan style in the world of karate-do in the coming years and the 10th European Shotokan Championship is one of the steps to this.


One of the first gold medals of the Russian team was brought by our old friend, 10-year-old Evgenia Furtseva from Saratov, training under the guidance of the Honored Coach of Russia Roman Mirzoyev. Eugene first performed in the age group of 10-11 years old in the weight category up to 34 kilograms. In the semi-final against the Romanian athlete Oana, Vlad Furtseva received a leg injury, and even with an injury decided on the final and resisted. In the decisive battle, she defeated the Tatami mistress Preslav Dobreva and became the first.

Also the gold medalists of the 10th WSF European Shotokan Karate Championships in their categories were: Sargis Kotolkyan (in different categories, three times became the champion of the event), Veronika Startseva, Arina Petrova and Mark Starukhin. “Gold” was won by the Russians in team performances. So, in the kata of the age category of 8–9 years for boys the group was recognized as the best: Belov, Chertischev and Kozhemyakov, and in the category of 12–13 years, the first place was won by Churzin, Kotolkyan and Tagirov, among girls 14–15 years old, the Kochetova trio became the best , Startseva and Startseva. In kumite, the first result in the category of 12-13 years old was achieved by a group of juniors: Babkina, Maria, Moseychuk. Our veterans also showed good performances, putting 4 medals in the national team box: silver in kata and kronite in kumite – Yuri Ryauzov, silver in kumite and bronze in kata – Vladislav Oststanov.

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