IJKA Hungary joins WSF

Independent Japan Karate do Association joins to the World Shotokan Federation as a WSF exclusive represantative in Hungary.
1. IJKA Hungary is fully recognized an daccepted by the governing body of Karate in Hungary by the Hungarian Karate Federation (HKF)
2. IJKA (Independent Japanese Karate Do Association) Hungary is fully recognized and accepted by the governing body of karate in Hungary – Hungarian Karate Federation (HKF)
3. IJKA Hungary works as independent style organization and withdraw the membership from IJKA International headed by Mr. Utsumi Takato (chief instructor) and Mr. Avnija Hafuzi (president)
4. IJKA Hungary signed a 5 yeasr agreement with HKF and has full authorization to organize events, technical seminars, dan and kyu tests and these are always accepted and acknowledged by HKF
The members of our Presidential Board:
Honorary president: Mr. Sándor Kecskés
President: Mr. Tamás Molnár
Executive Director: Ms. Lászlóné Marosvölgyi (Mária Balogh)
General Secretary: Mr. Ferenc Vitkó
Ms. Márta Farkas, Ms. Csilla Hegedűs, Mr.György Biró, Mr. György Bulla, Mr. János Mácsik, Mr. Mihály Kollárik, Mr. László Pethő
Technical Committee (Shihankai)
President: Sensei Sándor Kecskés (7th Dan, first black belt holder in Hungary)
Head of Committee:  Sensei Tamás Molnár ( 7th Dan)
Technical leader: Sensei János Mácsik (6th Dan)
Counselor: Sensei Gábor Windt (6th Dan)
Sensei Csilla Hegedűs (5th Dan)
Sensei Márta Farkas (5th Dan)
Sensei Ferenc Vitkó (5th Dan)
Sensei Zoltán Fekete Kertész (5th Dan)
Sensei György Biró (4h Dan)

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